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Upholstered furniture producer: News and promotions

Welcome to the website of Max Mebel!

We are a Polish manufacturer of the articles of upholstered furniture which, for already more than ten years, has been providing you with high-quality products, customized with the needs and expectations of users in mind. Our upholstered sofas and sofa corner units are a benchmark of elegance, style and also of functionality.

To cooperate with us, we cordially invite wholesale corporate recipients, furniture retail and wholesale outlets. We guarantee exceptionally attractive conditions, profitable promotions and discounts.

Why is commencing cooperation with us worth your while - thanks to:

* Clear and straightforward conditions which change only to the advantage of a partner.
* Attractive promotions and discounts for long-term commercial partners.
* Readiness to provide assistance and expert advice any time you need it.
* Exceptional collections of the articles of furniture which enchant you not only with their style and elegance, but also practicality and functionality, thanks to what they are so valued by users.
* A wide assortment of the different models of the articles of furniture, and also of fabrics.
* An individual approach to partner, which makes it possible to develop a satisfying model of cooperation.

In what manner have we achieved such a high level of convenience of the articles of furniture offered by us?

That was simple. First and foremost, we have been making efforts to learn about your needs and expectations, and, subsequently, to design the articles of furniture which would be a response to those very needs and expectations. We have also made every possible effort to select suitable materials and components. A network of established suppliers makes sure that our products guarantee the user all that they expect of the articles of upholstered furniture.

We cordially invite you to learn about out offer of products in more detail.
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