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Max Mebel is a family enterprise which combines within its structure the tradition of commerce with a modern approach to production and the 21st century technology. As a company, we pay attention to continuous development in a precisely-defined direction and activities which raises the level of satisfaction of our Customers and build a lasting relationship with them.

We have been specializing in the production of the articles of furniture since the year 1999. Since that time on, we have gained an enormous store of wisdom and experiences, which make it possible for us nowadays to offer you the top quality of the articles of furniture, adjusted to the requirements of even the most fastidious customers. We keep developing our offer and complementing further products to it. We strive to make our articles of furniture a benchmark of convenience and comfort, whilst, at the same time, guarantee that it is associated with high quality. Thanks to that, you will have the pleasure of using them and enjoying the good choice that you have made for a long time.

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